YS-3.0 Hydraulic winch


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——| Hydraulic Winch |——

YS-3.0 Hydraulic winch

Structural features:
YS series hydraulic winch consists of cycloidal motor, planetary gear reducer, brake, etc. Using threaded connection steel frame structure, configuration shuttle valve, balance valve, such as security control system, its structure is compact, small footprint, it is suitable for ships, port and automobile, etc. Various kinds of lifting and pulling equipment.
- the drum is rotated clockwise to improve (as requested by the user). For the sake of safety, keep at least 5 ~ 6 ring wire rope.
- winch brake is multi-disc brake, static braking torque 970N. M, the maximum back pressure should be less than 5bar.
- winch USES planetary gear reducer, stable operation, compact structure and grease lubrication for internal lubrication.
- please use the above - 8.8 bolts (M16 or above) fixed winch. (reminder: equipment cannot be used for manned).

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